Certification Information

Has your certification expired? Will it expire soon?

Core certification requirements can be met by attending:

  • WAPRO training conferences
  • Public Records Act (PRA) trainings
  • Related course area trainings offered by other recognized programs that are reviewed and approved by the Certification Subcommittee.

Upon approval of the application, the applicant will be issued a certificate and recognized both on the WAPRO website and during the WAPRO Annual Business meeting.

Not sure when your certification expires? Contact the office to find out. 

Recertification Application Fee
WAPRO members: $50
Non-members: $75

Recertification Requirements

WAPRO members who have earned initial certification, and who have attended a WAPRO conference within their three-year certification period can obtain continuing certification for another three years by filling out WAPRO’s recertification application. Please note that if the WAPRO certification has been expired for more than one year, the member will need to meet the requirements for certification rather than submitting a recertification application.

With the renewal application, an individual must verify that he or she has received a minimum of eighteen hours (18) of instruction in the listed subject areas within the certification period. Viewing or listening to approved pre-recorded material or participating in educational teleconferences will substitute for up to six of the required instructional hours. To be eligible for recertification, an applicant must:

  • Have attended at least one WAPRO conference since becoming approved as a CPRO
  • Have a minimum of 18 hours of training (see below for breakdown of credits)
  • Pay the recertification fee (no refunds will be made once application is received; however, applicants will be allowed six months to resubmit)
  • Provide documentation demonstrating that the initial training requirement have been met. (This may be a course certificate of completion, an email from the agency providing the course which shows registration or attendance, a screenshot of a pre-recorded webinar, etc.).
  • Please label the file name of the documentation being provided with the course code it is being applied towards.

A minimum of 1/3 (6 hours) of training toward re-certification must be WAPRO provided.

Subject matter Category

Minimum Hours Required

Legal Updates C 4 (within past 2 years)
Electronic Records and Technology D 4
Elective Courses G* 10
TOTAL   18

*Elective Courses (Category G) are meant to allow for flexibility to take classes that are specific to your work. Any course from any category can count towards your Category G requirement as long as it has not been used elsewhere on your application already.

Training Standards

Training credits can be earned through WAPRO training hours (automatically accredited) or through other recognized programs addressing the Washington State Public Records Act and related topics, including those sponsored by WCIA, WA-COG, WSAMA, WSMCA, WSBA, ARMA, IIMC, WMCA, state agencies, state bar approved continuing legal education, accredited colleges, paralegal programs, or law schools.

One hour of credit is awarded for each sixty minutes of in-class or video or audio tape time or for each two hours worked on a correspondence or online class.

If an applicant did not attend the full course, they must adjust their attendance to reflect the time actually present at the training. Credit will not be given for classes less than 30 minutes in duration. Credit will be given for classes over 30 minutes in duration and will be calculated in 15 minute increments otherwise.

Accreditation of hours accepted by other professional organizations such as WSBA for CLE credit will be accepted by WAPRO if they are related to the Public Records Act. Please consult WAPRO’s approved course list to view hours and credits awarded for WAPRO, WCIA, and other accredited courses.

Don’t see a course you took on the approved course list? Any course or source of courses not listed on the approved course list will not count towards certification until after they are approved by the Certification Subcommittee upon written request. Please complete the Approved Course List Request Form and emailing to certification@wa-pro.org. Persons seeking certification must attest to their attendance at the training and provide copies of their certificates of attendance and of the schedule or agenda listing presenters, topics, and a summary of the curriculum for each course claimed, except for courses offered through WAPRO or WCIA. A passing grade is required for academic (college, university or technical school) courses.