Program Description

In 2012, WAPRO initiated a program to provide certification of public records officers meeting high quality professional standards. Applications may be submitted throughout the year, with certification being awarded to qualified candidates quarterly. Core certification requirements can be met by attending:

– WAPRO training conferences (which enjoy automatic accreditation);
– Public Records Act (PRA) trainings; or
– Related course area trainings offered by other recognized programs that are reviewed and accredited by the Certification Subcommittee.
WAPRO certification requirements are designed to promote and support a sound background in public records laws, procedures, work processes and educational achievement for certificate earners. Certification demonstrates personal commitment and dedication to administering the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56). Upon approval of the application, the applicant will be issued a certificate and recognized as a Certified Public Records Officer (CPRO), with featured recognition both on the WAPRO website and during the WAPRO Annual Business meeting.

Certification is good for three years from the individual’s initial certification date.

Please be aware that the WAPRO Board of Directors can revoke certification status at any time for reasonable cause.