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Public Records Compliance Analyst

Flyer Details

This job description is for a temporary Public Records Compliance Analyst position that will be providing coverage during leave starting 10/28 and going through March 2020. This will be processed through UW Temp Services. Please contact ccrocker@uw.edu for more information.



The University of Washington School of Medicine (SoM) is nationally and internationally recognized for excellent programs in clinical care, teaching, and research activities.  The SoM, a component of UW Medicine, has 32 academic departments with over 2000 teaching and research faculty, over 4,000 clinical faculty, and 700 research and training fellows, and staff.  The SoM Records Unit resides within the Business unit in the Dean’s Office, School of Medicine.


This temporary position is responsible for assisting the Records Unit for the SoM with public records requests received from the UW Office of Public Records while the Records Manager is on maternity leave.  The Director of HR Policy will analyze the requests to identify the records requested and the record holders.  All official communications with records holders will be produced by the Records Unit staff, but this position will be listed as the records custodian for assigned requests.  This position will organize the records from the record holders and review the gathered records for responsiveness to the request and flag any applicable exemptions that would result in redaction or withholding of records.  The position will report regularly to the Director of HR Policy on the progress of assigned records requests and will rely on the Records Unit staff to communicate with the UW Office of Public Records should questions arise.


Public Records Requests:

  • Reviews all records for sensitive elements and flags content to ensure release is completed only within the required standards and applicable laws.
  • Prioritizes requests ensuring that records needed are provided in a timely manner.
  • Communicates with supervisor and Records Unit staff the need to contact School of Medicine staff to obtain additional information necessary to respond to requests when not included within the records originally provided.
  • Provides completed requests to the Records Unit staff for release to the Office of Public Records.


Support Functions:

  • Provides clerical and technical support to higher level records management staff.
  • Completes all necessary documentation and record tracking requirements.
  • Scans documents when needed for electronic transfer and release.


  • Experience with the Public Records Act and fulfilling public records requests.


Additional Requirements:

  • Demonstrated experience with complex records organization.
  • Ability to work independently to achieve success with general instruction to overall goals.
  • Demonstrated strong communication skills.
  • Ability to perform under multiple deadlines.
  • Proficiency with IBM-compatible software, Microsoft software including but not limited to Word and Excel, Adobe, Office 365, and e-mail platforms including Outlook.


To apply for this job email your details to ccrocker@uw.edu